Soul Dental

Use Your Brand to Grow Your Practice

Use Your Brand to Grow Your Practice

Client: Soul Dental
Project Type: Content Creation | Web Design | Photography
Date: 2019

We met Soul Dental three years ago. Since then, they’ve grown by leaps and bounds and have opened the doors to a second practice location.

We have been a part of Soul Dental’s journey, helping to grow their practice and their brand by using as many creative measures as possible and creating things that have never been created before in dentistry. For example, our “Get Clean” campaign used a series of commercials, photos, and videos as part of a year-long approach to driving traffic to Soul Dental’s website, foot traffic to their offices, and creating a boost in teeth cleaning appointments for their practice.

Photography & Cinematography

The Soul Dental founders are always up for creating new imagery and taking things to the next level – and it shows! Both of their practice locations, their social media stream, and the photo and video content on their website all reflect a commitment to keeping their brand fresh and relevant. Their customer engagement and business growth are a testament to the strength of this strategy.


“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

-Soul Dental


Soul Dental has done two website updates in their time working with us. For this latest update, we encouraged them to go with a creative content platform that would highlight their team and their brand. It gave them the ability to showcase everything in one place: creative commercials, photos, Instagram, written content, and more. Their new site gives users the choice to experience content the way they want to.


Branding and Marketing Materials

Instagram Campaign

At Medical Bound, making sure that content connects to all platforms is always our goal. As a part of our Instagram strategy for Soul Dental, for example, we created graphics with content that tied directly into the videos, photos, and commercials we made for them. This infused their brand with a cohesive energy that offers their clients clear messaging while also delivering it to them in a multitude of ways so they tap into what appeals to them most.