State Street Smile

Revitalize Your Brand and Your Business

Revitalize Your Brand and Your Business

Client: State Street Smiles
Project Type: Content Creation | Web Design
Date: 2019

State Street Smiles had been plodding along with the same old website for about 10 years. We gave them their first-ever rebrand, and the results are stunning.

Being that this was their first rebranding effort since they had been in business, State Street Smiles wanted to go all the way. They wanted to redo the outside of their building and their website, they wanted to create a solid foundation of excellent video content to represent their New Jersey area practice, and they wanted a full-spectrum content campaign that would propel their business forward into the successful future they envisioned.


Our Medical Bound team was also hired to upgrade the State Street Smiles dentists’ visual brand. As part of this effort, we actually visited the dentists at their homes, went through their wardrobe, and helped them to identify specific pieces that would support the approachable, friendly, professional look we were going for. We provided start to finish styling – from mining their closets, to clothes shopping, to onsite hair and makeup at the shooting locations. In the end, the clients felt at ease and included in the process of creating their new images.


Medical Bound supported State Street Smiles through several firsts, including a new website and content platform. We encouraged them to take a content first approach, so their new site isn’t just a static website, it’s an interactive content source where their clients can engage at whatever level they feel most comfortable.