Modern Orthodontics

Great Branding Communicates Your “Why”

Great Branding Communicates Your “Why”

Client: Modern Orthodontics
Project Type: Branding | Content Creation | Web Design
Date: 2019

New patients typically come to your office for one of two reasons: they were referred by a friend, coworker, or family member OR they were specifically attracted to your practice. Your expertise and great work can get you far. A Medical Bound rebranding package can take you the rest of the way.

Orthodontists Ken and Maggie have an amazing connection. Their collaborative, fun energy defines their practice and helps them excel at what they do. Without the right branding though, new potential patients don’t get why they should choose Modern Orthodontics.

With three practices around New York City, these two needed to relate to and connect with a variety of demographics. We executed a full-scale rebranding package aimed at showing the world Ken and Maggie’s magnanimous synergy and spirit – the “why” beyond their extensive and impressive expertise.


Photography & Print Design


In creating a website for these two, it was important for us to pull people right into who they are, their essence. That’s why the first thing that you see when you visit their website is the energy of their connection and collaboration. You really get a sense of who they are from tap one.