Hudson Allergy

Let’s Talk Funny Business

Let’s Talk Funny Business

Client: Hudson Allergy
Project Type: Logo | Content Creation | Web Design
Date: 2018

When it comes to rebranding, we focus on getting to the heart of the people behind the business. For Hudson Allergy, their sense of humor was the key.

We did a complete rebrand for Hudson Allergy, including building out an all-new website that would serve as their premier content platform. The goal was to keep their audience educated and entertained while also building awareness.

Photography & Cinematography

High-end commercial photography and videos highlighting the comical nature of the Hudson Allergy team were centerpieces in our rebranding campaign. At Medical Bound, our photo and video production is all about bringing out the essence of your practice so potential clients are inspired to choose you.


Hudson Allergy needed their website to be more than just a landing place for those seeking allergy solutions. That’s why we crafted their site into a premier content platform – a place where great content, images, and videos tell their story, educate their clients, and keep visitors wanting to come back for more.


Branding and Marketing Materials

Our Hudson Allergy rebrand included a new logo, fresh and inviting business cards, and a window ad campaign. For all three of their locations, we came up with branding and messaging to give their windows pop and take their rebrand to the next level.


Web Articles

With humor as our centerpiece, Medical Bound created a steady series of engaging articles to drive traffic back to the Hudson Allergy website. The goal was to make their audience laugh while also increasing customer awareness, reputation, and ultimately appointment bookings. Check out this fun example of the content portion of our Hudson Allergy rebranding campaign.

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Instagram Campaign

Our Hudson Allergy Instagram campaign had a three-tiered approach using images, articles, and videos to drive customers back to their beautiful new content platform website. On social media, engagement rules, and the use of humor to draw attention proved an excellent strategy.