Tapping Into the Heart of Your Client Community

Tapping Into the Heart of Your Client Community

Project Type: Video | Web | Photography
Date: 2019

Rockland Dentist specifically wanted to reach a demographic of customers in their area who need dentures. We made a commercial that really hit the spot.

Using a combination of actors and residents of the local community, we wielded the tools of humor and comedy to film a commercial marketing directly to the targeted age group for the campaign. Our catch phrase was, “Avoid the slip.” 

Videography & Print Design

We then ran the commercial with a three-tiered outreach: television, social media (Instagram and Facebook), and we used postcards as a backup, delivering the campaign messaging in a physical format to the same demographic we targeted in the commercial and social media ads.

Backstage Medical Bound Team

It’s always great doing an evening shoot. We shot this commercial in the evening, but we made it look like it was daylight by setting up lights outside the windows shining into the YMCA where we filmed. Our team of about 20 people were on site and the client, Dr. Rosenfeld and his wife, came by. The energy between the client, the actors, and the community members we recruited to participate in the commercial resulted in a beautiful collaboration across the board.