My Post Only Got One Like

Jess Grippo

Jess Grippo is a writer and content strategist for MedicalBound. She’s also a dance rebel, performance artist, and holistic health coach. As a seasoned entrepreneur who has leveraged social media to build her own business, Jess knows about the growing pains of “going social.”

The biggest hurdle that you’ll likely encounter along your content creation journey is the dilemma you’ll face when you don’t get the kind of positive feedback you’re anticipating. You know, that “my-post-only-got-one-like” feeling. It’s a mixture of disappointment and embarrassment, maybe tinged with a touch of self-doubt. Jess has some ideas about how to handle this inevitable emotional experience.

First, remember that even if your content doesn’t get very many “likes,” you actually don’t know whether it’s had an effect on the people who’ve seen it. Even if you’ve just made one person smile, that’s important. That’s a real person, and you made them smile. Second, don’t let a little failure shut you down. You have to be consistent in generating content, and over time your following (and your “likes”) will grow organically.

Why does this matter to a dentist? The more content your potential client can see about you and your practice, the more likely they are to resonate with you, and ultimately choose you as their dentist.