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My Post Only Got One Like

Jess Grippo is a writer and content strategist for MedicalBound. She’s also a dance rebel, performance artist, and holistic health coach. As a seasoned entrepreneur who has leveraged social media to build her own business, Jess knows about the growing pains of “going social.” The biggest hurdle that you’ll likely encounter along your content creation …

Medical Bound

Re-think Dentistry

I love helping dentists define their brands. And in the last ten years of doing this work, I’ve learned a lot about dentists and how they think. Today’s digital landscape is creating a demand for dentists to go social and share more about themselves and their work. Social media is certainly not for everybody, but …

Ramin Tabib

A New Kind Of Dentist

Creating ease through humor

It’s a vulnerable experience to sit in a chair with your mouth open and have another person perform surgery on your teeth. It’s probably why so many people dread the dentist’s office.