A New Kind Of Dentist

It’s not typical to scroll through your dentist’s Instagram as a form of entertainment – right?

Well, if you follow Dr. Ramin Tabib it is.

From dressing up like a bearded tooth fairy to dancing it out down the hallways of his office on the reg, his videos will have you busting out into laughter within seconds, asking “who is this guy?”

Whatever you do, don’t mistake his silliness for superficiality.

Tabib is not only a master of his craft in dentistry, but he’s a master of style and a force of individuality who embraces his uniqueness and encourages others to do the same.


Creating ease through humor

Creating ease through humor

It’s a vulnerable experience to sit in a chair with your mouth open and have another person perform surgery on your teeth. It’s probably why so many people dread the dentist’s office.

And from the dentist’s perspective? It’s a taxing job to take care of that vulnerable person and navigate their emotions while also performing your best skills.

Humor can provide ease. Having a personality outside of the dental persona can provide comfort.

Tabib and his patients have this kind of relationship. One minute they’ll be brainstorming ideas for his next Instagram video, and the next they’ll be focused in the chair, as the intricate dental work takes place.

By embracing all facets of who he is, Tabib creates a new level of relatability and ease with his patients, and beyond that, an implicit sense of permission for his patients to be themselves, too.


Defining Style

Defining Style

Was Tabib always this kind of stylish? Not quite. He tells us the story of his “old look,” the dapper, buttoned-up fashionista who you would typically find strolling down Madison Avenue.

As he shares with us, that old wardrobe “represented a period in my life where I wasn’t comfortable with who I was.”

As a dentist finding his place in the field, as a man finding his place in the world, he clung to the ideal of what a successful professional “should” look like.

But it ended up limiting him, even making him feel trapped.

As he traded his Brioni suit for a pair of drop-crotched black pants made in small quantities by a local Brooklyn designer, it was like he was shedding an old skin.

And essentially, he was.

The new clothes that he chose to wear, the circular, thick-rimmed glasses that have become his signature style, were all part of Tabib embracing what he truly felt inside. Rather than trying to fit the mold of the Dental Professional, he embraced Ramin Tabib and learned how to become comfortable in his own skin.

We’re all trying to find out who we truly are. Mastering your craft can be a doorway to getting there.


Dancing Through Life

Dancing Through Life

Tabib’s dance moves have become just as much his signature as his glasses.

But beyond just making people laugh, these days his dancing is reminding people of a powerful way to embrace life. One man’s crazy dance moves can give us all permission to express who we really are and to find connection and comfort in being ourselves.

You can walk through life on the straight-and-narrow, or you can dance through life in all its twists and turns. Tabib hopes you dance. (I do, too.)

For dance videos and more, follow Ramin: @nycsmiledesign


The Journey Ahead

The Journey Ahead

According to Tabib, transforming someone’s smile is a huge endeavor, and a privilege. And connecting with them on a human level is an even bigger reward than that service you’re providing.

Through exposing who he is, in all his stylish and humorous glory, Tabib is essentially opening up a level of vulnerability and trust, which allows his patients to do the same.

True self to true self, real connection and real transformation can happen.

As Tabib continues on his path of transforming smiles through dentistry and laughter, we hope you’ll follow along with his journey and be inspired to embrace the beauty and comfort of living in your own skin, too.

There’s certainly a lot more where this came from.


About Dr. Ramin Tabib

About Dr. Ramin Tabib

Dr. Ramin Tabib is one of the most innovative dentists in New York City dedicated to achieving the best, healthiest, and most beautiful smiles for his patients. Not only is he committed to the highest level of dentistry, but he has dedicated his life to mastering the latest in dental technology.

For more Tabib, visit his home on the web: www.nycsmiledesign.com

And be sure to follow him on Instagram: @nycsmiledesign