Attuned Care

Branding As a Tool for Connection

Branding As a Tool for Connection

Client: Attuned Care
Project Type: Web | Videography | Photography | Content Creation
Date: 2018

Your branding can give potential customers a reason to learn more or a reason to never look back. Is your brand connecting to your audience in the ways you need?

Attuned Care is a company that is all about palliative care, compassionate elder care, and hospice care. They needed a brand that would serve to connect their mission and services with people seeking end-of-life care for their loved ones.


Photography & Videography

We used photography and video messaging to reach Attuned Care’s target demographics using social media and email marketing.

We created content to bridge the knowledge gap between customers and an understanding of Attuned Care’s services, but also to bridge the gap between those giving care and those receiving care. People want to know they have someone to reach out to in their neighborhood.


Through our complete web redesign, the Medical Bound team built Attuned Care a content platform that communicated an essential truth to visitors: end of life is an important part of the life process.


Print Design

We also designed and printed brochures that were made available to people on site at Attuned Care’s network of facilities to help them quickly and easily connect with Attuned Care as a personal resource they could reach out to any time.